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  Today's Featured Article
Top Reasons to Shop With Us
by Patrick Oborn, CIO - Telarus, Inc. - Architect of GeoQuote and VARSearch

September 22, 2014 - In just the past 12 months we've seen high-speed broadband access enter the realm of business DSL pricing. As of right now, there is no end in site to this price free-fall. In fact, the prices of T1, bonded T1, DS3, OC3, and Ethernet are changing daily. Your only problem is that carriers aren't very transparent when it comes to their pricing. You literally have to visit each carriers web site (assuming you know which carriers are available in your area), enter your information into their contact forms, and wait for several eager salesman to call you on the phone to pitch you their wares. Or, you can enter your information into a "lead generation" site where your information either gets sold to the highest bidder, or gets blasted out to every broadband provider under the sun so you can, gain, get overwhelmed by salespeople.

We believe there is a better way to shop: in the privacy of your own business office, with actual data that you can rely on, with the proper availability and price points that even come with online order options. So, who are you going to trust? The people who pioneered the worlds' first and only real-time price software (we have the patent to prove it!), or professional "lead generators" who are only interested in earning a referral fee by sending your information to every vendor under the sun?

Up until the year 2003, shopping for Point to Point lines meant doing the research yourself. Recently, agents who specialize in high speed DS1 (T1) and DS3 (T3) lines have popped up to volunteer to do this research for you, by hand, in less than 7 days. If you are looking to price out bandwidth and routers for your WAN or LAN network in less than a week, you would fine nothing but frustration and eventually high prices. You perform a search in your favorite search engine and you see millions of pages, all of which claim to save you money. In reality what your are seeing are a bunch of internet marketing entrepreneurs who know little about dedicated service at all. They create simple HTML forms that look like they have been programmed by a seventh grade student which captures your information, and either sends it to every vendor in the universe or some in-house former used-car salesman who will sell you whatever will pay him the biggest bonus. The internet is littered with this garbage, confusing customers and leaving a sour taste in their collective mouth. What started out as a search for competitively priced dedicated services has turned into a circus!

Rolling Up Our Sleeves to Provide Information Quickly
In 2002 my partner, Adam Edwards, and I decided to become pioneers in commercial telecom and broadband access. We believed early on that in order to create an online experience that was worthy of your time, we needed to provide information you can use - not your typical "enter your information here and we'll get back to you" elementary page. In order to do this, we invested a full year researching all of the different Point to Point providers in order to understand their pricing models, many of which were created long before we were born. Based on information we extracted from this research, we invested heavily in complex programming that would allow us to calculate loop prices, or the cost that the local phone companies pass on to the dedicated service providers for access to their network. This cost varies by mile, by market, and by geographic region of the country. Once we rolled up our sleeves and performed extensive testing, we called our product 'GeoQuote' and released it to the public on this very web site in 2003. We are currently in the process of patenting this unique technology.

ShopforPoint to Point is a Name You Can Trust
On November 20, 2008, ShopforPoint to Point.com reached $3,000,000 in monthly billing revenue. If you are not familiar with the telecom industry, $3M per month in customer billing is a plateau that less than 1% of all agencies ever achieve. This milestone not only validates our commitment to excellence, but our commitment to you - our prospective customer. We process massive quantities of orders each month, but at the same time pay meticulous detail to every need of each and every one of our clients. That is how we are able to sign up and retain a vast pool of customers that include the United States Government, Defense Contractors, Hospitals (including Walter Reed Army Medical Center, home to our recovering troops), Law Offices, Internet Service Providers, Wireless ISPs, State Universities, Web Hosting Companies, and more. When you talk to a ShopforPoint to Point specialist, you do not receive a sales pitch - you tap into years of experience and expertise. Helping businesses find the right T1 provider at the right price is the ONLY thing we do!

Total Telecom Management - The Winning Formula
In the past year, online shoppers just like you have generated 1,456,189 unbiased real-time quotes using this web site. Over 600,000 people have discovered that you don't need to wait days to see pricing when you can get the Point to Point service information you're looking for in just seconds. Throw in the courtesy phone call that you will receive from one of our certified unbiased broadband consultants who can answer your questions, help you design your network, and give you the strengths and weaknesses of each of our providers. Best of all, your ShopforPoint to Point consultant can be your total telecommunication management resource - one person that you can call to find any telecom products you need now and in the future.

We Are the First Company to Provide this Unique Service
Don't be fooled by the imitators! Since we launched this site in 2002, many have attempted to copy our concept, our business model, and even our domain name! It's amazing how in-style real-time shopping has become, especially considering that the reaction we received by our vendors when we divulged our plans to create GeoQuote. Some of the reactions we received include "that can't be done - it's never been done before" and "that is an interesting business model". Now these same vendors have become believers, and our very best partners. In 2004 Telarus was named to the New Edge Networks Most Valuable Partners Council, and in 2010 Master Agent Telarus was declared a five-time Platinum Partner with ACC Business, a division of AT&T, a VIP Partner with Broadwing Communications (now Level3), a member of the 2005 Six Figure Club with UCN, and the 2005 Top Producer for both Netifice (now MegaPath), Network Innovations, and Xspedius Communications (now tw telecom). Recently we were named XO Communications 2007 MVP and number one agent with Level3 for 2006. It really does pay to be a winner. Our customers receive world-class treatment from our providers who want to keep us happy. By signing with us you receive the protection of the masses - if you ever have an issue, just let us know. When we call the carriers, they pick up the phone!

Our Commitment to You
I don't mention these awards to boast, but to demonstrate the industry's recognition of our singular commitment to excellence, our commitment to our agents, and most of all, our commitment to our customers who trust us to find the best T1 products and services on the market. Change has been embraced. Thousands of data DS1 lines (1.5 mbps bidirectional transfer, upload and download, rate), fractional T1 circuits (256 kbps to 1024 kbps), bonded (load balanced) T-1 lines (3 mbps to 12 mbps), DS3 lines (6 mbps to 45 mbps), point to point private lines, Virtual Private Networks (with MPLS), WAN (wide area network) configurations, Point of Sale systems, inbound and outbound call center services, ACD systems, dynamic and channelized integrated T1 lines (both with VoIP and TDM protocols), and Local PRI Circuits have been sold. We also have experience with enterprise products typically employed by larger corporations, namely; metro ethernet, OC3, OC12, OC48, OC192, OC256, and OC768 lines delivered over a fiber optic backbone. Many of our carriers even offer free managed cisco routers for multi-year contracts! The way people shop for business class telecommunication services and optical carrier products will never be the same again. GeoQuote is the future, and now the present, of broadband shopping and business voice (local and long distance) services.

Multi-site Networks
Lately we've come across an increasing number of growing business that find themselves needing to communicate securely over the internet. As the number of locations grow, so does the importance of integration and coordination. A Virtual Private Network with MPLS encryption can turn the web into a virtual pipe that connects all of the many locations of an enterprise, enabling sensitive data to flow back and forth without the risk of interception. You can build two types of VPN applications; an intranet VPN and a extranet LAN connection. Both allow users in multiple locations to work in a shared, secure environment. Best of all, a VPN allows you to scale the size of your network quickly and cheaply, compared to the old-school leased T-1 line approach. We have many T-carriers that specialize in VPN and even in double-encrypted VPN, but best of all we have specialists who have extensive experience that you can draw on to create a cost effective solution for your business.

Voice T1 Service
Many web sites you will find during your search for dedicated services will focus exclusively on broadband (Fractional T1 through OCX). Here at ShopforT1 you will find that we have a unique focus on voice t1 services, both local and long distance, including the popular PRI (23 voice channels plus 1 data channel dedicated for the transfer of information, such as Caller ID for example). Our product specialists have many years of experience helping inbound and outbound call centers, customer support centers, dental offices, law offices, and other business who rely heavily on reliable business telephone service. Not only will we save you the most money, we'll figure out a way to do it without sacrificing the integrity of your t1 voice service.

Recently we added dynamic integrated T-carrier service which has been a hugely popular with SMB's throughout the country. These digital trunks allow you to use all 24 channels for high-speed data broadband connectivity in the event that none of your voice channels are in use. The majority of the time you are able to effectively receive a full 1.54 Mbps, not to mention a new feature-rich voice T1 with local PRI and voice access to the outside world. Not only do these dynamic T1s come with more capability, they also come at a fraction of the cost of old analog circuits. Currently, the average price of a dynamic integrated circuit is $450, as opposed to $750 for a standard integrated access line.

Telephone System Hardware
On June 22, 2006 we announced the release of VARSearch(tm), our second industry-leading technology that allows you to perform a real-time search for telephone system installers and dealers in every local market across the United States. These dealers in your local area can find you terrific deals on all of the hottest pbx systems, including Avaya, Nortel, Cisco, NEC, Artisoft, Toshiba, 3Com-NBX, AT&T, Bogen, Comdial, Executone, Fujitsu/Focus, Harris, Inter-Tel, ITT, Meridian, NEC, Nortel, Plantronics, Prostar, Siemens/Rolm, Telco Systems, Telesynergy, Telrad, Toshiba, Asterisk, Avaya, Cisco, Ericcson, Extrom, GTE, Hitachi, Isoetec, Lucent, Mitel, Nitsuko, Panasonic, Polycom, Samsung, Tel-Plus, Telect, Tellabs, TIE, A+, Linksys, ShoreTel, and more.

Network Equipment
If you are in the market for a complete high-speed internet overhaul, we can now offer you both the T1 line as well as the T1 router to go with it. Simply use our cutting-edge VARSearch(tm) Search Engine to find, in real-time search, a credentialed pbx phone system dealer (One of our thousands of VAR Partner associates) and/or pbx phone system installers in your neighborhood. Our search engine includes VARs from every local market in the continental United States, so you can be sure that you will find the help you need. The networking dealers in your local area can find you terrific deals on all of the most popular net gear, including Adtran, Advantech, CePoint Networks, Cisco Systems, Extreme Networks, Foundry Networks, Emulex, Juniper Networks, Linksys, Netopia, Nortel Routers, Redback Networks, Qlogic, Motorola, and SBS Technologies.

VoIP Equipment and Service
If VoIP is what you are looking for, you've come to the right place. Our product specialists can find you any service under the sun, and our VARs can find any of the following ipPBX, and VoIP equipment brands including 3Com-NBX, Artisoft, ADTRAN Routers, Accutone, Adix, AltiGen, Amtelco, A+, Avaya, Bogen, Cisco Partners, Executone, Asterisk, Extrom, Hitachi, Fujitsu/Focus, Nitsuko, Meridian, Polycom, Prostar, Plantronics, Samsung, Telco Systems, Telect, Tel-Plus, Telesynergy, Telrad, Applied Voice Technology (AVT), Artisoft, Aspect, Asterisk, Asuzi, AT&T, Atlas, Avaya, AVG-Eagle, BBS Telecom, Bizfon, Bosch, Cisco, Cohort, COM2001 Technologies, Comdial, Computer Talk Technology, Cortelco Kellogg, Creative Integrated Systems, Dash, Dba Telecom, Duvoice, Encore, Ericsson, Estech (ESI), Executone, Extrom, FCI, Flash Communications, Fujitsu, Galaxy, Harris, Hitachi, IDS, Intecom, Inter-Tel, Interactive Intelligence, Isotec, ITT, Iwatsu, Kanda, KS Telecom, Lucent Technologies, Macrotel, MCK Communications, Merlin, Mitel, NBX Corporation, NEC Communications, Newtronix, Nitsuko America, Nortel Networks, Northcom, OmniLink, Omega, Premier, Picazo Communications Quintum, Prostar, Redcom, Samsung, Spectralink, Spirit, Sprint, Starplus, Rolm, Teleco, Tadrian, TalkSwitch, Telematrix, Telrad, TIE, TMC, Toshiba, TouchWave, TransTel, Teltronics, Triad, Trilium, TT Systems, Vodavi, Walker, and more!

Our Future Together
As move forward, our goal is to continually improve our gateway products, our site, our knowledge of the industry and products, and most of all, to build a bond with you - our customer - that will last for years to come. Earning your trust is what we do here. Saving you money is how we keep it.

Technical Note
A technical quick note about the CSU/DSU, which is made as a separate product or is sometimes part of a T-1 WAN card. The Channel Service Unit - CSU - converts the data from and to the WAN line into a format the router can understand. The DSU provides an interface to the data terminal equipment (DTE) using a standard (EIA/CCITT) interface. The unit likewise provides testing capabilities. If you have any questions or need assistance with the installation of any network hardware of telecom equipment, we can help you find certified Point to Point technicians in your area using VAR Network.

  Privacy Pledge
Respecting your privacy is the cornerstone of our business. Any and all information required to create a real-time price quote will NOT be sent to third party vendors. Your information stays in our secure, proprietary database and is only used by our internal sales consultants to help you select the most appropriate service for you. Finding a dedicated phone line or high-speed internet connection has never been easier or more secure. Since we started in this business over 5 years ago, we have helped over 750,000 people find the best service for them. Don't trust just anyone - go with the industry leader in telecommunications.
  ShopforPoint to Point - A Name You Can Trust
ShopforPoint to Point is a network of independent bandwidth and dedicated voice experts who specialize in being able to answer your questions and assist you with your purchasing plans. The volume we produce for each of our vendor allows us direct access to their pricing systems, not to mention their most aggressive price plans. We accomplish this by attracting knowledgeable industry experts and by leveraging technology to produce lightning-fast Point to Point price quotes, allowing our agents to help you obtain information and make a decision in just seconds. We do things a bit different here - and the difference is our people. Please generate as many real-time Point to Point line quotes as you want, and our broadband consultants will be right there to answer any questions you may have. Helping you find the best product at the best price is our mission. Thousands of happy customers swear by us, and you will to.